At the center of the West Virginia state Capitol is an area known as The Well.It is the informal gathering place for lobbyists, reporters, constituents and lawmakers.

Centrally situated between the chambers of the House of Delegates and Senate,

The Well is where information is often shared, alliances are formed, and deals are made.


86th West Virginia Legislature

Countdown: 10 days to go


March 1, 2023


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Crossover Day


Houses advance bills as session nears end


The West Virginia Legislature reached crossover day Wednesday. 

With a few exceptions, Day 50 of a legislative session is the last day for a bill to be read a third time for consideration in its house of origin. If a bill does not pass either chamber by the close of business on crossover day, it likely is dead for the session.


The West Virginia House of Delegates had passed 251 bills during the 2023 legislative session as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Legislature’s website. The Senate had passed 245.


Click here to view the West Virginia Senate bill report.


Click here to view the West Virginia House of Delegates bill report.


Campus Carry


Governor Justice signs legislation into law


Governor Jim Justice on Wednesday signed Senate Bill 10, which legalizes carrying a concealed weapon with a permit on a college or university campus in West Virginia. 

“I said the second it comes to me, I’ll proudly sign it, so let’s get on with it,” Governor Justice said.


WVMetroNews reported that West Virginia is the 12th state to allow carrying hidden firearms on campus. Advocates said it is a codification of what’s already happening and will plant a seed of doubt in the mind of anybody considering an attack on a college campus in the state.


“Don’t think that just because we don’t have campus carry people can’t bring guns on campus. For crying out loud, the doors are wide open. This is just saying the law-abiding people have a right to carry if they choose to do so,” the Governor said.


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Locality Pay


Senate OKs bill to benefit some state workers


A day after a majority of members of the House of Delegates rejected a similar bill, the state Senate unanimously passed legislation that moves toward higher pay for state workers in regions where the cost of living is higher. 

Senate Bill 593 passed 33-0 on Wednesday without debate. It now goes to the House of Delegates, where recent history shows the issue will be much more contentious.


The bill would require every state agency to develop a locality pay plan. It doesn’t require implementing locality pay. Agencies would need to report to the Legislature by the end of the year.


Click here to read more from WVMetroNews.


Senate Health and Human Resources


Bill approves child welfare communications


The Senate Health and Human Resources Committee on Tuesday quickly passed Committee Substitute for House Bill 2538 with no amendments, questions, or discussion. The bill was second-referenced to Senate Finance 

Counsel said the bill authorizes the creation of a Web-based communications system for child welfare information. The communications would include foster parent requests and responses, updates on foster child movement, visitation and travel, scheduling various appointments, hearings, and meetings, and other communications.


According to the bill, access to the system would be secure, and communications would be archived.


Senate Government Organization


Bill alters language on property tax receipts


The Senate Government Organization Committee on Tuesday approved Committee Substitute for House Bill 2587, which unanimously passed the House of Delegates. It would modify the information provided on property tax receipts, requiring that a receipt separately states the amount of taxes paid for the various levies. 

The bill also changes an old code section that requires the signature of the Sheriff, requiring the name of the Sheriff to be printed on the receipt and the initials of the officer receiving the tax payment.


Asked whether the modifications would be a burden to counties, Chairman Jack David Woodrum, a former Summers County Commissioner, said the forms typically are done by a vendor, not in-house, and a change should not be a problem.


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2023 Legislative Session 

50th Day — March 1: Last day to consider bill on third reading in house of origin. Does not include budget or supplementary appropriation bills.


60th Day — March 11: Adjournment at midnight.




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