At the center of the West Virginia state Capitol is an area known as The Well.

It is the informal gathering place for lobbyists, reporters, constituents, and lawmakers.

Centrally situated between the chambers of the House of Delegates and Senate,

The Well is where information is often shared, alliances are formed, and deals are made.


86th West Virginia Legislature

State Capitol

March 7, 2024


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In This Edition


BILLS OF INTEREST: Take a quick glance at Senate and House of Delegates actions.

58TH DAY: The West Virginia Legislature heads toward the 60th and final day of its annual session.


Bills of Interest




Here are the Senate bills that were on third reading Thursday or on House/Committee messages. (Bills on second reading are not included):

·     SB219 (Relating to Uniform Controlled Substances Act) — conference committee appointed

·     HB4190 (Relating to the establishment of an alert system for missing cognitively impaired persons) — passed

·     HB5609 (Relating to confidentiality of child-care records and the Foster Care Ombudsman) — moved to Rules

·     HB4552 (To ensure party affiliation is consistent with candidate’s voter registration) — passed

·     HB4851 (To allow for public and private schools in West Virginia to employ security personnel.) — passed

·     HB4867 (Require pornography websites to utilize age verification methods to prevent minors from accessing content) — passed

·     HB4880 (Relating to personal income tax Social Security exemption) — lie over one day

·     HB4188 (Relating to requiring a parolee or probationer found to have suffered with addiction to participate in a support service) — passed

·     HB5338 (Relating to Safe Harbor for Cybersecurity Programs) — passed

·     HB5257 (Relating generally to allowing the Supreme Court of Appeals discretion to create uniform pay scales for all levels of judicial support staff) — lie over one day

·     HB5604 (Relating to procurement by state spending units) — passed

·     HJR21 (Amending the Constitution to prohibit persons not United States citizens from voting in any election held within this state) — lie over one day

·     HB4292 (Providing for enhanced damages for non-payment of royalties due from oil, natural gas, or natural gas liquids production) — Moved to third with right to amend


House of Delegates


Here are the Senate bills that were on third reading Thursday or on House/Committee messages, as well as bills on second reading:

·     HB4998 (Modifying penalties for third-offense shoplifting)

·     HB5091 (West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act)

·     HB5151 (Relating to defining term fictive kin)

·     HB5662 (Relating to adding “person in a position of trust” to certain crimes)


The House suspended the rules and passed:

·     SB217 (Authorizing state and subdivisions to negotiate price for construction when all bids received exceed maximum budget)

·     SB533 (Allowing EMS agencies to triage, treat, or transport patients to alternate destinations)

·     SB751 (Creating online charitable raffles)

·     SB791 (Modifying membership requirements of Medical Services Fund Advisory Council)

·     SB 874 (Relating to WV Division of Multimodal Transportation)

The following were advanced to third reading with the right to amend:

·     SB741 (Prohibiting creation, production, distribution or possession of artificially generated child pornography)

·     SB190 (Modifying definition of sexual contact)

·     SB841 (Setting amount of unemployment taxes and benefits)


The following bills were considered on third reading and passed:

·     SB2 (Authorizing DEP to promulgate rules)

·     SB36 (Authorizing Department of Homeland Security to promulgate legislative rules)

·     SB50 (Authorizing Department of Revenue to promulgate legislative rules)

·     SB155 (Creating Violent Crime Prevention Act)

·     SB166 (Updating contested elections procedures)

·     SB170 (Relating to compensable diseases of certain firefighters covered by workers’ compensation)

·     SB445 (Reducing certification periods and renewal fees for EMS personnel)

·     SB587 (Enabling State Fire Commission to propose legislative rules)

·     SB632 (Relating to Dangerousness Assessment Advisory Board multi-disciplinary study group)

·     SB687 (Clarifying Legislative Auditor’s scope of authority)

·     SB 732 (Requiring cooperation between law-enforcement agencies and military authorities)

Action on the following was postponed for one day:

·     SB587 (Enabling State Fire Commission to propose legislative rules)

·     SB875 (Relating to certain insurance coverage provided by BRIM)

All other bills were advanced to third reading.


Day 58


Legislature approaches end of 60-day session


The state Senate moved through a series of House bills on Thursday as both chambers of the West Virginia Legislature head toward the 60th and final day of the session on Saturday.

WVMetr0News published a story (click here) that touches on several bills.


Looking Ahead


60th Day: March 9, 2024 — Adjournment at midnight


Footnote for Readers


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