What you may have missed at the WVPMA 2024 CME Conference…


Dr. Samantha Minc opened the 2024 WVPMA CME Conference at The Greenbrier with her presentation on Limb salvage.  She earned ratings of 4.71 (out of 5.0) for her talk and roundtable discussion.  Above, she spoke with folks after her session. Dr. Justin Phillingane, sponsored by AMGEN Rare Disease, spoke on KYSTEXXA (pegloticase): Changing the course of uncontrolled gout.  He earned ratings of 4.57 for his talk.

Organogenesis was kind enough to sponsor our
welcome reception on Friday night.

Stan and Debbie took excellent care of us at
The Greenbrier Friday night and throughout the weekend!


Dr. Robert Clemency II opened Saturday with a talk on Surgical wound care:  A case-based approach. Clemency, from Community Hospital in Indiana, was our first speaker of the weekend to earn perfect ratings for his presentation. Dr Michael Hurst, from Davis Medical Center, spoke on Charcot reconstruction.  His presentation was well-received, earning a 4.29 on the talk.  His presentation was too large to upload to this site.
Dr. Richard Vaglienti of West Virginia University’s Pain Management department, spoke on Current Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy.  This was “part 2” of his 2022 presentation in Morgantown.  His talk earned a rating of 4.86. Dr. Peter Ward, representing the WV School of Osteopathic Medicine, discussed Microanatomy and gross anatomy of soft tissue injuries to the lower limb.  (The talk was too long to include here.)  He earned a rating of 4,71 on his talk.
We did not have a copy of Dr. Smith’s presentation to share here.
Dr. Kyle McKray Smith of the Toledo Clinic spoke on Tissue regeneration for soft tissue injuries.  He earned ratings of 4.88 for his presentation. Merlinta Therapeutics was kind enough to sponsor our pre-dinner reception on Saturday.


We do not have a copy of Ms. Twomey’s presentation to share here.
Dr. Ranjita Misra of WVU’s School of Public Health spoke on the Prevention and management of diabetic foot ulcers and amputations.  Although someone tripped and knocked her down the previous evening, injuring her ankle, this trooper earned perfect 5.0 ratings for her talk. Carolyn Twomey, sponsored by Irrisept, spoke on Scientific and clinical issues.  She earned ratings of 4.75 on her presentation.