Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Dr. Fadi Zein El- Abidine (Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Najjar Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon) shared insights about the tragic explosion and subsequent healthcare crisis in the past 24 hours. With thousands injured, and hundreds seeking orthopaedic healthcare by the hour, he warned of the immediate, 2nd and 3rd waves of orthopaedic care including emergent wound and fracture care, semi-elective and definitive care, and rehabilitation (prosthetics) care, respectively. We wanted to rapidly disseminate information with the aim of connecting those in our community who may be able to respond to call for action.

The last several months have seen many challenges in our communities including a global pandemic, locusts, economic devastation, natural disasters, hunger, famine and now an earthquake magnitude explosion. If there was ever a time to come together for a common goal, it seems the time is now.


Mohit Bhandari MD, PhD, FRCSC
Editor-in-Chief, OrthoEvidence

If you are interested in helping by donating any excess supplies please email and we can connect you with individuals on the ground in Beruit, Lebanon.